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Candace Kuzmarski

Candace Kuzmarski believes the ownership of real estate is one of the best investments individuals can have in their portfolio...

Candace Kuzmarski believes the ownership of real estate is one of the best investments individuals can have in their portfolio...

Sep 30 4 minutes read

We've accompanied our buyer clients to see over 80 properties in 45 days!

If you don't see the market you don't know the market, and we've previewed more properties in about one month than most agents will preview in six!

Note: This is an incomplete list because it doesn't include those properties where the listing agent was contacted directly, so we've been inside even more than this!

098675371529 West TOUHY Avenue Unit# 2, CHICAGO
098735541116 SOUTH Boulevard, EVANSTON
098602359124 Ridgeway Avenue, SKOKIE
098835231411 West Arthur Avenue Unit# 3, CHICAGO
098715254115 West Howard Street, SKOKIE
098812918229 Lawndale Avenue, SKOKIE
098549304450 Palma Place, SKOKIE
098897652316 Sherman Avenue Unit# 1B, EVANSTON
098893244459 West Armitage Avenue, CHICAGO
098817402702 West Thomas Street, CHICAGO
098884752915 North HAMLIN Avenue, CHICAGO
098885044205 North Bernard Street, CHICAGO
098842286234 North Oakley Avenue, CHICAGO
098817072124 Lincolnwood Drive, EVANSTON
098604532640 Lincolnwood Drive, EVANSTON
098763023235 Park Place, EVANSTON
09888784985 Forestway Drive, GLENCOE
09791407554 DUNDEE Road, Glencoe
0988958510 Crescent Drive, GLENCOE
09854215385 Washington Avenue, GLENCOE
09838753251 Wentworth Avenue, GLENCOE
09888672502 Jackson Avenue, GLENCOE
098778841417 Scott Avenue, WINNETKA
09925861529 HAWTHORN Lane, WINNETKA
09842157108 Fuller Lane, WINNETKA
09879720119 Hollywood Court, WILMETTE
09845050220 Locust Road, WILMETTE
098497162431 Wilmette Avenue, WILMETTE
09880165316 Sheridan Road, WINNETKA
098652412510 MARIAN Lane, WILMETTE
098581344088 FAIRWAY Drive, WILMETTE
098489442327 BIRCHWOOD Avenue, WILMETTE
098430262232 Elmwood Avenue, WILMETTE
098842931015 Forest Avenue, WILMETTE
098787241725 Washington Avenue, WILMETTE
098530431721 Highland Avenue, WILMETTE
09907382403 Sunset Road, WINNETKA
097592888646 Monticello Avenue, SKOKIE
098698144851 North Pulaski Road, CHICAGO
09893510522 Greenleaf Avenue, WILMETTE
09894025605 6TH Street, WILMETTE
098917852135 West 19th Street, CHICAGO
098876991239 Asbury Avenue, EVANSTON
098815663831 West Howard Street, SKOKIE
098780817108 North East Prairie Road, LINCOLNWOOD
098712554029 West Columbia Avenue, LINCOLNWOOD
098311977304 North Kenneth Avenue, LINCOLNWOOD
098359016831 North Lowell Avenue, LINCOLNWOOD
098961057540 North Ridge Avenue Unit# 3D, CHICAGO
099020117453 North SHERIDAN Road Unit# 1B, CHICAGO
09810318731 Hibbard Road, WILMETTE
09801771432 Skokie Boulevard, WILMETTE
09908020616 Michigan Avenue Unit# 2W, EVANSTON
098735209501 Karlov Avenue, SKOKIE
099079566951 North Kenton Avenue, LINCOLNWOOD
099085737845 North Odell Avenue, NILES
099141405152 HOWARD Street, SKOKIE
099136144940 Jarvis Avenue, SKOKIE
099161856702 North Kenneth Avenue, LINCOLNWOOD
099125303830 main Street, SKOKIE
098998663617 GREENLEAF Street, SKOKIE
09882558200 Ridge Avenue Unit# 2A, EVANSTON
098765902704 Bryant Avenue, EVANSTON
098734982006 LAKE Avenue, WILMETTE
098464372731 Hartzell Street, EVANSTON
098829939550 Springfield Avenue, EVANSTON
098663737057 North Kenton Avenue, LINCOLNWOOD
099101037840 North Kenneth Avenue, SKOKIE
099163791427 Madison Street, EVANSTON

Data source: Candace's ShowingTime account going back 45 days.

Do you have a question about any of these properties? We've been inside all of them! Don't hesistate to contact us, even if you're just a curious neighbor.

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